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■ Ddang - Ggeut - Hae -Ssael ■ Korean South Province Specializing in Kimchi Restaurant

Ddang-Ggeut-Hae- Ssael

The restaurant name means "Sunshine from the end of the earth."

A Premium Korean restaurant Specializing in Kimchi from South Province in Myeondong, the center of 
down -town Seoul


Location: 5th floor of M Plaza where the Seoul Tourism Cultural office. Subway Station: Myung Dong Station (blue line) Exit 6 about 5 minutes walk.  

As soon as you enter the restaurant,  you are met by Korean traditional architecture along the walls, giving you the feeling that this restaurant is striving for the perfect authentic Korean taste. Its kimchi is imported from a province down south. You need to taste to believe!

This restaurant was started with the motivation of introducing Korean authentic food by the a team in 2003

It stands out among other  restaurants because they receive kimchi from especially Haenam, southern province

At first, when they started this business, they discussed how they could offer some unique cuisine and they tried very hard to develop their menu which they update regularly

The manager of the restaurant and the staffs were very kind and thoughtful. During waiting time at our table they made a constant effort to ensure we were satisfied. They kept asking us if there was anything they could do for us.

The most impressive part was their confidence in their reputation. Their menu includes Kimchi Stew and Kimci Casserole with marinated beef and pork. Also their selection of croquettes include pumpkin, potato and kimchi. The most delicious to me was the Kimchi croquet.   

They are contented to know that people will recognize their speciality in time

The entrance view 1

The entrance view 2

The entrance view 3

Display sample

Entrance view 4

Inside view 1

Table and chair setting 1

For group setting

Table and chair setting 2

Table and chair setting 3

Table and chair setting 4

Marinated Korean beef

Beef on- the- spit

Kimchi stew

Crocheted pumpkin, potato and kimchi

Kimchi stew and rice

Haenam kimchi



Set menus

Jeollanamdo Haenam Mukeun Kimch Ttangkkeut Hatsal

For more informations

Address: 5f, Mplaza, Myeongdong,  Seoul

Contact: 1644 4652



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