Sunday, January 31, 2016

YES Burger – Brand new burger joint by Noksapyeong station

There’s a strip of restaurants n Kyungridan with some of the best pizzas in Seoul, like Trevio and Pizzarium. You’d think, if you open a new restaurant in that area, you better know what you are doing and have some confidence in your cooking. Well, if you tilt your head up, you’ll be able to spot ”Yes Burger” on the 2nd floor in the same area, and the owner knows his stuff. Yes Burger has barely been open for one month, but is already making it’s mark on the burger foodies’ maps.
Upon entering the place, you’ll instantaenously feel at ease thanks to the soothing interior with wooden furnitures, huge vintage speakers and mesmerizing candle ornaments. My eyes also caught a glimpse of the four sauces that every table is equipped with, namely ketchup, honey mustard, Mexican hot sauce Cholula and garlic aoili! It’s a relief not having to worry about having enough ketchup for the fries or having to call the staff over every time you are out of sauce. Here you can drizzle your condiments to your heart’s content.
The owner is a very humble and seemingly kind person who tries his utmost to make the customers feel relaxed and at home. His previous experience of running an Italian restaurant shines through in the additional choices of two different pastas and wines on the menu. Of course, the burgers are the limelight of the menu and there are a few select choices unique to Yes Burger. The burger ’The Gentlemen’ will take your tastebuds on a one-way trip to Bangkok with it’s coconut milk-base that helps make the patty more succulent than most other burgers I have sampled. ’Daddy’s Ben’ is yet another child of the imagination of the chef. Upon opening the French-made bun that is soft on the outside but has been toasted on the inside to give it that crispy layer, the secrets of this particular burger are revealed. Before even realizing what it is, your nose will start to detect a familiar scent, namely peanut butter! Peanut butter, of course, goes well with jam, which is the second secret of the burger. The bacon jam is actually not particularly sweet but still goes well with the slightest of peanut butter flavors that literally melts in your mouth. Last up is the ‘Road House’ which instead of a beef patty has Australian wagyu beef slices sautéed in cream and mushrooms I believe. Add some Swiss cheese and jalapeno to that mix and you have yourself a wonderful burger/sandwich.
The fries are just the right thickness and you can see that they have been deep-fried without peeling the potato to preserve the crispiness. The best part about the Mac n’ Cheese was that the macaroni were still al dente. At first I reckoned that the cheese balls toppings were just an after-thought, but the dryness of the cheese balls actually match surprisingly well with the creamy cheese.
As briefly mentioned, they have several choices of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. I can whole-heartedly recommend the ‘Cannabis Club Sud’ beer imported from Germany which is actually aromatized with hemp and brewed in Bavaria.
So if you find yourself in Kyungridan craving for a burger and a relaxed atmosphere, Yes Burger might be just the place for you!
Business hours: 11AM – 10PM
Address: 서울특별시 용산구 녹사평대로 220 2F
Instructions: Walk straight for a few hundred meters from Noksapyeong station, exit 2 until the underpass. Cross the underpass and backtrack for 1-3 minutes until you see the yellow Yes Burger-sign above you.

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