Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Thai Family Home Made Style Restaurant

《 SOI 313 》

What's SOI by the way? 

It is a street or avenue in Thai Language and as you can guess the owner of the restaurant named this place 'SOI 313' because this restaurant is located in 313 street.

Fall in love with noodles


Entrance stare well

Free Desert

International Reporters with the chef and cooks

 Seating Arrangements

Beef Noodle Choice No.1

Beef Noodle Choice No. 2

Thai Style Chicken

Pattaya Salad

The entrance to upstairs where the restaurant is

Shirimp And Mixed Vegetable Stir Fried Rice

The Best Well known Thai Soup with Lemon and Lemon Grass

Shirimp And Vegetable Stir Fried Noodle

Menue No.1

Menue No. 2

Menue No. 3

Menue No. 4

Lunch Special

Inside View 1

Inside View 2

Inside View 2 and 3

All About Menue At One Place

From Sangsoo Station just it takes 1 minute

Unlike any other Thai Restaurant in South Korea, this restaurant offers you authentic Thai Family Cuisine and I am sure that you will love their food.

This 'SOI 313' is located just right outside of Sangsoo station which is number 6 line and it takes just 1 minute by walk.

The owner and his wife of the restaurant have lived in Thailand for around 6 years and they even speak fluent in Thai Language and they try very hard to keep the authentic taste.

The price of the most of dishes are around 10,000 won and you can buy also set meal

The pictures above are a selection of what I had

Please let your taste buds go wild

They close between 3:30 -5:00 for better service

Address. 2nd F, 313-3, Sangsoodong, Mapogu, Seoul

Tel. 02 323 0313

Business Hour 11:00 AM - 10: 00PM

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