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         ♢ The hen who could dreamed she could fly ♢

The International Bestseller

More Than a Million Copies Sold

Originally Written By Sun-Mi Hwang

I recommend a visit to this Musical which is located next to Seoul Arts Center. 

The name is Seoul National Gugak.

 The word 'Gugak' means a mixture of all the Arts of Seoul, including opera.

 I enjoyed this pantomime because, even though it was a Korean traditional children's story, it was presented in a kind of fusion of music style, reflecting both Korean traditional style as well as modern. 

For example, in the Western style of theatre presentation, the orchestra is usually situated in the 'pit' but here in this National Theatre the orchestra is behind, on the stage.  

Although it is advertised as a Musical, it is actually a pantomime, meaning a children's musical, in the style of Mother Goose. 

This is based on one of  Korean's bestseller children's book which is called 'The Hen who dreamed she could fly' written by Sun-Mi Hwang. 

This book became so popular among children and parents and was made into a movie a first few years ago, before National Gugak (Korean traditional voice music and instruments) center made it into a musical.

I have never been to National Gugak Center before and so I was pretty excited looking around and so excited to see this Korean traditional collaborated pantomime..

As soon as I entered the place where the performance was held, I was pleasantly surprised and exclaimed, 'Wow' to myself, because the building seems very new and modern.

On the first floor of the building there is a cafe located to your left,  while the ticket place is in the middle of the floor; The actual performance is in the main building which is called 'Ye-Ark-Darng',  located as soon as you enter.

Being a Korean, I was so proud of my country of how much my government takes care of our national treasures, such as its traditional music and its instruments. 

The entire building reflected Korean traditional architecture thus I felt the whole experience was a complete Korean experience.

While watching the performance, I noticed the characters and acting was so life-like which would probably very scary for young children. 

The costumes The costumes were so good, for example, the red chicken; in one scene, of a weasel crying out fearfully or the mother hen throwing herself to a mother-weasel to be eaten so that the weasel's baby can be fed, some children cried with fear.

Actually such scenes might be a bit too much for 4 or 5 years old kids.

However, this play was beautifully made with Korean traditional music and instruments as well as their dances and costumes. Plus the acting performance were great in their acting and enjoyable, 

Lastly, it was such a  privilege that I could come and sit for their rehearsal and delightfully saw the performance.

This performance's original book has been translated in English, Chinese, Japanese, Franch and the other languages

The right building is the where the performance is held

The entrance of the performance 1

The entrance 2

My ticket

The stage scene

The cafe is located just on your left as soon as you enter the entrance

Photo zone


Ticket place

Scenes from the performance

Date: 29th of Jan ~ 27 of Feb

Place: National Gugak Center

Ticket price: S/40,000won A/ 30,000won

Contact: 02 580 3300


The performacers saying 'good-bye' to the audience

Schedule of the performance

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