Friday, January 22, 2016

Cezanne & Landscapes of Impressionism: Miracle de la couleur at the Seoul Art Center

Summary: Impressionist art may not be everyone's cup of tea, but experiencing the original work is surprisingly a superior experience to viewing reproductions.

If one were to observe the crowds at Cezanne & Landscapes of Impressionism: Miracle de la couleur (currently at the Hangaram Design Museum at the Seoul Art Center) they'd observe faces that appeared--well--impressed. Somehow the appreciation that visitors displayed regarding the Impressionist art they fawned over eluded me. Although fully aware of the importance of Impressionism in art history, most the paintings did not seem to capture my fancy. A few works were worth the visit, however:

Houses in Falaise in the Fog by Claude Monet presented the ephemeral feeling of a foggy morning with cotton candy like colors.

With its vibrant colors and representation of relaxed waves, Sunset Over the Sea by Henri-Edmond Cross captured a landscape in motion that was both dynamic and soothing.

When trying to find these same works in the gift shop, I was stunned. The reproductions seemed to fall flat and lost the energy I witnessed in the original works. If you enjoy Impressionism and would like experience this energy first-hand, then you shouldn't miss Cezanne & Landscapes of Impressionism: Miracle de la couleur.

This exhibition runs until April 3rd, 2016. Follow this link for more information.

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