Wednesday, January 27, 2016

■ BULIA [Chinese Hua-Gua/ shabu shabu Restaurant] ■


 The name in Chinese-English is  Hua-Gua/ Shabu-shabu Restaurant

This restaurant's name means, "When the customer and the restaurant blend together." 

Location: This restaurant is located just around 1 minute on foot from Hongik University station, exit 1. 

This was a real treat for the palate as a Shabu-shabu restaurant. You have probably experienced a Shabu-shabu restaurant before. 

 If you haven't, the literal meaning is boiled vegetable and beef or meat slices mixed together in a boiling pot, and then dip in various sauces.

 This particular restaurant is run by a Korean family yet they import the concept from China. It unique flavour is the way the restaurant divides between spicy and non-spicy palates. 

Therefore, if your palate or taste is not too spicy you can chose to sit in one half of the partitioned restaurant, or if, like most Asians, if you prefer "fire in your food" you can sit in the other side. When entering the restaurant you are greeted by real authentic Chinese door and furniture which the owner informed me were specially imported from China.

It all made for a really unique and tasty Shabu-shabu experience. So this restaurant comes highly recommended. 

Their service was also excellent and their members of staff were very well trained, ready to "bend over backwards" to offer you a unique experience. All the food is freshly prepared.

Personally it was a my first time to visit to there and I was quiet excited to visit the place and enjoy the Chinese traditional cuisine. 

I have experienced Korean, Japanese, Singaporean, Indonesia, Malaysian and Thai Shabu-shabu but never Chinese, until now, so this made me so excited to explore its unique taste.

By the time I arrived the place was brimming over with customers who, from ther faces,  I could tell, they seemed to be truly enjoying their dishes and conversation. 

Not likely with Korean shabu shabu cooking pot, the Chinese pot was divided in two and you can enjoy same time mild and spicy taste

In addition to that, you can choose one special source among four different tastes which were peanut based, chilly, soy source  etc

The boiling broil was full of healthy ingredients such as ginger, 

And the way you eat the Chinese Shabu-shabu is exactly same with you already know

My choice was Bulia set, which came with beef, lamb and fresh vegetables.  

The meat was tender and the vegetables were very fresh
I have come to like this place by its location and, of course,  its taste, although the price was a bit higher than other Chinese Shabu-shabu restaurants. 

I guess because they are located in Down-town of Seoul.

For more Information

  Contact: 02 335 6689

Address: 161 -14 , Donggyodong, Mapogu, Seoul


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